Monday, September 22, 2008

Madness Monday....

Been so insanely busy I can barely log on to get my blog updated T__T Sorry....

Works coming along fine amidst of my moving... lots of stress in many aspects.. but manageable... I hope I live through this weekend XD

Working as fast as I can on issue 4 of FC: Revelation to catch up some lost time... but so far so good...

Lots of stuff to show you guys.. but I am afraid I have to keep it for the next update... ( gawd help me clear my responsibility up so I can get more images here to share... XD )

Issue 2 of FC Revelation already came out not too long ago.. I hope you guys picked it up... : ) Thank you very much!


Sunday, August 31, 2008

Saturday scare...

Gawd it's taking forever to everything settled and finished.... I just want to move in and get back to concentrate on my work -____-

A few bloopers for the day...

I almost destroyed the new bathroom.. thought our toilets' not working... apparently we just forgot to turn on the main water valve.. worst part is I already deposited "gold"..... oh well... at least we won't need pest cleaning before I move in.... vile vile smell even for black widows....

And as if that was not enough... flipped the breakers to the wrong sides... and was panicking about not having electricity in the house >< sigh.....

Then trying to figure out how the garage opener works... not seeing 2 big @$$ black widows 2 feet away.... got my friend to jump after I shouted out.. he was busy helping me figuring out how to fix things -___- lol.... and at the end... we just needed electricity.... good lord... I must be tired...

Ok, few more sneak peeks.... : ) older stuff... since I have not posted for a while T__T

have a good one : )

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Aftershow Tuesday....

Just got back from Comicon yesterday.. man I am very tired but yet super energized to start my work ... the show, in many ways.. recharged me... XD

Another charity piece that end up being nothing... my agent should probably have it on ebay soon XD...

And more sneak peeks....


Monday, July 21, 2008

Comicon Monday....

Ok.. maybe there is no Monday in SDCC hehe... but it's the week of Comicon.. so it counts...

Tired... haven't slept yet... and bit myself on the lip having breakfast...

Bah.. nothing interesting from me atm lol.... wait til the book comes out next month!

One of the 3 charity auction pieces.. the Flash : )

And more sneak peeks...


Monday, July 14, 2008

Recurring first days....

Seems like Mondays are my favorite blog day XD.... hehe my apologies... all the time, I always end up not being able to consistently update blogs, webpages and stuff.... not sure how I can get to discipline myself to do so.. but I really would love to ><

Anyway, a good friend and insanely talented creator should starting something interesting on the web.. no, I'll let everyone know when it's ready.. something where I can consistently be in touch with the comic community... hehe

Ok, here is another Charity piece.. hope you all like it : )

And more FC : Revelation sneak peeks XD


Monday, July 7, 2008

Another Monday...

Good lord.. it's almost a month away since I last post.. dangit! I am not going to let this happen again.. I will update more XD

Just that July is the busiest month for us usually.... especially with San Diego Comicon '08 coming up at the end of the month -___-


A charity piece for one of the organizations during SDCC '08 .. Ironfist.. one of the 3 I am doing for the charity auction... well 3 different orgs I think...

And more sneak peeks...


Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday marks...

Spent the whole day getting pissed that why didn't I made it a habit to mark down important things to do everyday.. always thought I will remember every single one of them and end up forgetting something EVERYTIME! sigh... ><

Oil price at crazy numbers probably not news anymore... Maybe it's a good thing that at least we are now a lot more conscious about what's going on with our environment and it's resources... Hmm.... when are the days when magic will be more widely used.. omg!!! VIsionaries!!!! XD haha... ok I need some sleep....

Here's a Mighty Thor piece from waaay back that I kinda "repaired" and "painted" a little since we needed something for my print in SDCC and got nothing atm cuz of all my deadlines ><

And more sneak peaks XD


Saturday, May 31, 2008

Friday Virus

太可帕了! 最近覺得很奇怪為什麼那麼多烏鴨死在大街上....? 原來他們染上了一種烏鴨的西尼羅病毒!!!!! ....... ><

Wow, I am sliding on my postings again ><><

This is actually a rare day where I finish my work for the day before 12am midnight.. so here I am updating : ) Although there are more things to get done... some very exciting possibilities too! but let's leave that silent until I get anything solid! Hehe

Oh I been seeing all these ravens dying all around my apartment area and found out that there's a strain of West Nile Virus that's attacking them in particular here.. my gawd... freaking scary T__T

Maybe I should get a camera and start taking pictures of stuff around me... Okay, my excuse to my girl will be.. ".. so I can have things to post!" .. hmmmm maybe not a good idea XD haha

Another toy/comic convention is going on in the Philippines and a lot of my friends and peers will be attending, I completely forgot what's it called but boy I miss attending those T__T

Here are more sneak peaks! : )


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday Furnace....

好熱啊!!! 聽說星期三會涼快下來....等不及了 T____T

Good lord.... record breaking heat.. again in LA -___- I took shower 4 times yesterday.. man I can't wait for Wednesday.. suppose to cool down a bit XD

Lots of work stuff going on, and need to maintain my comic art page count every week too -___-

Sigh.. less time to practice painting...

More sneak peaks then! XD


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday catchup...

我昨天剛從西雅圖回來... 累死了.. 但那兒真好玩!!! 下次會帶女朋友去吧 ^__^

My first time in Seattle last weekend for the Emerald City Con.. man I had tons of fun! We got lucky too since it was in forecast to rain that weekend and instead we got 2 days of nice overcast days with very soothing winds : ) Not to mention all the nice people I met at the show! Lots of fun for sure!

Was in the DC Nation panel.. man I was as nervous as always every time I join these panels... Especially with superstar writer JMS to my left, Dan Didio to my right ( not in pic ) and the awesome Greg Rucka behind ( not in pic )... these are my heroes XD... Btw, the one to the right in the pic is legendary author Kurt Busiek. Oh also, I got this pic from the article in Newsarama.. since I didn't got any camera with me there... XD

Ok, back to work.. rest.. umm... I'm so tired >< So much things to catch up!

More sneak preview from Final Crisis Revelations!


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday package...

下次吧.... 眼皮都張不開了... 工作好多... 但最辛苦的是這個... -___-... 寫中文 XD!!!!! LOL

Need to get a package out to my inker tomorrow.. but I have to wait for full clear on approvals first before I send them out! Sigh.. little things I bet comic readers don't know, about the production process XD... well it's not really very important.. but it means a lot to us.. since it can matter into how much we sleep/work depending on how schedule is for certain people... of course, our own choice, this all.

Good friend's film just finished principal photography.. unfortunately the director got urgent family matters so they can't go on with the editing... as a low budget film.. the editor is very involved.. I'm told... Felt a little bad for him as I know how excited he is on getting this going... he was so excited when they finished the 6 week shoot XD

A lot of designs needed in my book.. so I am going to bed now, and get more done tomorrow on top of the regular pages needed everyday ><

One of my older picture a while back... I was in Starbucks while my friend decided to mess around with his camera...

40min practice sketch paint.. wanted to have a character in there but 40 is up.... -__-

Sneak peak!


Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday fatigue...

才星期一而已, 我卻以經累得不像樣了 T___T.... 我們沒有周末能休息的時間...嗨......

Monday morning and I am tired again XD This is not good.... Have to get ready for Emerald City show this weekend in Seattle! Very excited since it's my first time to visit up north!

Kristine's getting better at cooking also.. 3 simple dishes used to mean 3 hours of her being tied in the kitchen even with me helping a little... now it's down to 1.5 hours... haha she was very proud of her accomplishment! So am I : )

Started to throw lots of character designs for this new player in the DCU... will first appear in Final Crisis: Revelations.. hehe, don't miss this one! Greg's got bazillions of fun stuff in store XD

Was doodling around and trying to warmup... remembered WS's Gen13 from back when it was real popular.. so I came up with a fan art of how I will portray my version of the team : ) hehe

More sneak peak!


Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday sushi...

昨晚吃太多壽司... T___T 都五點了.... 睡不著...但很累!!!! 哇....

Early Friday morning... I need to sleep XD But I think the sushi I had last night is giving me a hard time, being undigested yet.. ( I'm guessing... -__- )

Bah... a few more minutes....

Finally on my next issue of Final Crisis: Revelations.. man, Greg likes to make very contradicting cliffhangers... every time I read new script from him for the first time, I felt like I want to read the next one already, instead of sitting down to lay the plot out in images haha... should be cooking up some covers first!

Here's a pic my friend from the coffee shop took last week.. it's me drawing a splash page hehe...

New practice... Spectre sketch...

More sneak peak from FC: Revelations!


Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday errands...

都早上四點了!!! 我還是早點去睡吧...... 明天還有好多事等著我 >< 畫了張火影忍者的fanart... 用Photoshop 花了四十分鐘作的....好灰心... 還多練習! -___- 他叫卡卡西吧.... mmm.. 好像是! XD My first mainstream DC work hits the stand tomorrow as DC Universe Zero comes out! I only did a page, but it's my first time working for mainstream DC and my first time working with Geoff Johns.. man I am a big Geoff fan XD Very excited! I hope I'll get to work with him more next time

! I think everyone's probably tired of seeing my dirty room.. here's something I found while cleaning my room... under a stack of sketchbooks and in between the pages of one, was this old picture from last year's San Diego Comicon 2007... From left: Myself, Francis Manapul, Whilce Portacio, Jay Anacleto and then Leinil Yu... I guess it's a good collection of Filipino comic artist of my generation... although I am not so sure if Whilce counts.. he should be with Alex Nino, Tony Dezuniga, Ernie Chan and those elder legends : ) hehe Can't wait for this year's SDCC 08!
A quick Kakashi sketch paint I did... one of the more popular character from Naruto... man I need to improve my digi art still... I suck with it -__- But I am happy with this one since it's a big improvement from my older ones...

Sneak peak of what I finished today : )

Attend Free Comic Book Day this Saturday!

It's 4am. Ima head to bed.. LOTS of errands tomorrow XD


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Searing Sunday....

累死了!!! 而且今天超熱的xX...春天才剛到不久好象就要夏天了...

哦.... 想一想,我在美國巳經度過四個夏天, 真快... 不知我家人的菲律賓夏天好不好?

記得七個夏天前我媽還不大想讓我從事漫畫業... 說當藝術家不能養活自己.. 說她是寫作的她了解...嘿嘿... 現在回去至少不用再聽到那些了 XD...

Man... It's been a long while since we last felt the heat here in the San Gabriel valleys... it was TOASTY today... actually even right now at 11pm it still is >< Boy, one long hot summer coming up!

Finally going to wrap up the last hard scene in tis issue of the book I am working on. The layout stage was the hardest. Especially since it was action/martial arts scene... the one I was talking about on my last post. Got Greg's approval on it so I'm happy! : ) Very satisfying at the end.. the difficulty only added to the challenge of getting the good stuff out there for you guys! And hey Greg taught me some very important lessons with visual storytelling. Especially about the moods and pacing of what is needed to be delivered in those pages... the "feel" it needs to establish... the little payoffs with each panel that adds up and forms the big one... he may not consciously say it but the process of going through that really made me learns many things.

Speaking of action stuff, thought about heading out to watch Forbidden Kingdom... big fan of Jackie and Jet... unfortunately needed to run some errands with my girlfriend... not to mention I have to go back and finish a little more work afterwards ... deadlines very close! Next week or the one after hopefully! I heard it's very entertaining! Who would have thought those 2 big action stars will ever work together?!

Only that thick one left before my girl took care of it Xd.. Man it looks even more disgusting in picture...

More face studies I did for Spectre.. really got to constantly get into the "feel" of the character's look...

Sneak peak from yesterday's page...


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Friday night dreaming of cheese rolls...

明天終於又是星期六了!!! 好想我女朋友.. T__T 四年了, 每星期只見一天...運氣好的話, 兩天... 真希望能天天在一起... 好了! 準備一下明天去的時候不能忘了帶工作! XD

Spend the whole afternoon redoing a layout needed for the last few pages of this issue's Final Crisis:: Revelations... man it's hard.. but Greg's the kind of writer that challenges the artist to step up the game EVERY PANEL... you literally feel how much you might have improved afterwards cuz you go back and say: " ... man, how did I come up with that solution for the scene?!?.. " ....going back to work!

Can't wait to see my girl tomorrow >< We only see each other once a week .. been 4 years and going.. man I so appreciate everything she took from me... I don't think I have such patience myself... maybe to her... Unfortunately I am bringing my work still.. heading to my favorite Korean coffee/bakeshop over there, Cafe TLJ.... hmmmm... best cheese roll I ever had!

That being reason why my apartment is uber dirty also -__- maybe when I get to have my own place with her, we can kinda "help" each other... XD

Can you see the dust on the sheleves?!?!? Goodlord ><

Ok, sketch for the day.. Renee Montoya, the new Question. Hope you all like it! : )


Friday, April 25, 2008


Just trying to fix my last article.. but the editing system won't allo wme to save my changes for some reason... -___-

Here is the link on the article.. it's in Chinese btw... XD



Toenail Thursday! >< .....

兩天沒睡了... -____- 好累....

今天早差點瞎掉...剪指甲時一小片飛進了右眼...眼晶裏面!!!!! 真可帕!!!!而且好痛...下次不能忘了帶眼鏡啊!!!!... T___T

不知有沒有什麼東西寫錯? 好...練習寫中文!!!

Good lord! Really thought I was going to loose my right eye >< Just when I decided to cut my toenails ( for some reason... ) after not being able to sleep Wednesday night finishing my page for the day.... a piece of nail shrapnel flew right into my right eye... gawd was it painful! T___T.... I immediately wish it with lots of water 'til I got it out... as bad as it was, I controlled myself enough to not mess with it by not rubbing my finger around... it actually went inside my eyeball I think, as I can't find it right away.. and the water eventually got it out.. thankfully it didn't went far in... or else -__-

Be careful of the evil toenail!!!!.. Sigh... just when I did not have my glasses on.. for some reason it did not cross my mind that I don't have it on... sleepless is bad XD

My good friend Doris, who just celebrated her b-day, and who also co-owns the coffee shop I go to everyday... wrote an article about my daily life doing work in the coffee shop. She and her guy, Richard , are really close friends of mine now... lots of photos that they took can be seen hehe... not to mention artworks... : )

This Naginata was a gift from one of my best friends in LA. Douglas Tochioka. Very talented filmmaker, awesome friend! I can't get enough of his stressful stories on the many different jobs he took in his lifetime haha...

A big martial arts and weapon lover.. this guys knows so much about things that are used to bring pain and sufferings to others.. XD

I really don't know what to do with the Naginata.. but I like it a lot!!!

Playing around with the dodge tool in photoshop... not sure if this thing even look a bit decent... my version of the orange lantern... or was it red? XD

More sneak peak from the page I finished today... gawd.. these pages are taking so much out of me everyday!!! Hehe.. but man I love the work though! So can't complain... Greg delivering all the crazy stories definitely made sure I am 200% excited every time I start on it each day XD