Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday marks...

Spent the whole day getting pissed that why didn't I made it a habit to mark down important things to do everyday.. always thought I will remember every single one of them and end up forgetting something EVERYTIME! sigh... ><

Oil price at crazy numbers probably not news anymore... Maybe it's a good thing that at least we are now a lot more conscious about what's going on with our environment and it's resources... Hmm.... when are the days when magic will be more widely used.. omg!!! VIsionaries!!!! XD haha... ok I need some sleep....

Here's a Mighty Thor piece from waaay back that I kinda "repaired" and "painted" a little since we needed something for my print in SDCC and got nothing atm cuz of all my deadlines ><

And more sneak peaks XD