Monday, July 14, 2008

Recurring first days....

Seems like Mondays are my favorite blog day XD.... hehe my apologies... all the time, I always end up not being able to consistently update blogs, webpages and stuff.... not sure how I can get to discipline myself to do so.. but I really would love to ><

Anyway, a good friend and insanely talented creator should starting something interesting on the web.. no, I'll let everyone know when it's ready.. something where I can consistently be in touch with the comic community... hehe

Ok, here is another Charity piece.. hope you all like it : )

And more FC : Revelation sneak peeks XD



Mark said...

Monday is the start of the week, meeting with boss, plan what to do for the week.

Yet I don't like Monday.
Glad to see your comics.

Keep up your good work.

Jon T said...

Man, you can really render hands...
I still can't do it.
I think I've actually gotten much worse at drawing..if that's possible..
Ugh...I don't even know how to begin.
You start with the torso?

PhilTanArt said...

I am not a huge fan of Mondays either XD Thanks Mark : )

Jon t, I start with whatever's closest to the extreme foreground.. hmmm.. I don't draw the most realistic and accurate hand either... maybe try to look at photo of hands more? XD

Jon T said...

Ah I see. So if the arm is forshortened more than the figure, you draw that first?
Thanks. And yea, I should really look at more reference photos.

PhilTanArt said...

Yes Jon, as it is in front, and if you draw it first, it's easier to adjust the size and proportion of what's behind.. or things that you want to be cover/exposed....