Monday, September 22, 2008

Madness Monday....

Been so insanely busy I can barely log on to get my blog updated T__T Sorry....

Works coming along fine amidst of my moving... lots of stress in many aspects.. but manageable... I hope I live through this weekend XD

Working as fast as I can on issue 4 of FC: Revelation to catch up some lost time... but so far so good...

Lots of stuff to show you guys.. but I am afraid I have to keep it for the next update... ( gawd help me clear my responsibility up so I can get more images here to share... XD )

Issue 2 of FC Revelation already came out not too long ago.. I hope you guys picked it up... : ) Thank you very much!



Hydrochloric Candy said...

No worries about updating the blog, just keep up the good work. I picked up FC2 and loved every bit.

Best of luck getting caught up!

Jon T said...

Ah, thanks for reminding me. I have to pick it up when I get to the comic store some time.

Haha, j/k, just take it easy, ok?

Erik M. said...

Been picking up all the FCR books, keep up the great work, dude!

...still need to make it out to the cup again... lol.

Mikel said...

Hello Philip, this is Mikel from Spain. I've got a blog called Rodeado de Papel (In English it means Surrounded by Paper, or Paper all Around) in which I keep a section called Thor sin Fronteras (Thor without Frontiers), dedicated to post things, drawings (some made by myself, I'm an amateur artist) and thoughts about my favourite fictional character. I took the liberty of posting one of your fabulous illustrations, which I find really really great!
Keep up with the good work! ANd gretings from Spain!

Hector RL said...

hi, i colored some of yours works (2 actually)check it out at :

i hope u enjoy it!

Malon Lawson said...

Mr. Tan,
I know you are a very busy man with the FCR series and will understand if you do not write me back.
I am currently in Afghanistan as a Military Contractor working on CH-47 Chinook helicopters and I love to ink in my off times.
I was just hoping you could tell me where to get pencil drawing's to ink. I go to and have done a lot of inking there.
I don't do this for money just for myself and my son. Who is a big FCR fan. I have just started to read FCR and was extremely impressed with your art work. I have inked some of your work from the deviant web site for my son, but wanted to ask permission to put some of my ink work on the site.
Please, if you have any time, write me at and let me know if it would be okay. You will get full credit for your drawing and would show them to you before posting.
Like I said I just do this in my free time, and am not looking to profit from it in any way.
Thank you for your time and keep up the amazing art work.
Malon Lawson

donnie ray said...

Hi Sir,

I'm Donnie Cruz, a comics collector in the Philippines. I collect works by Filipino artists, and i am just wondering if you'll be coming to manila soon. I am a big fan of yours, and would really love to have my comics signed by you. Thanks a lot!

Alexander said...

Hi Mr Tan,
I'm an aspiring comic book artist and I've created a website for amateur artists and writers. I was wondering if you know of anyone who wants to share their work on our site? I know your a busy man but I would really appreciate any help.
BTW here the link to my site
and my email is
Thank You!