Saturday, May 31, 2008

Friday Virus

太可帕了! 最近覺得很奇怪為什麼那麼多烏鴨死在大街上....? 原來他們染上了一種烏鴨的西尼羅病毒!!!!! ....... ><

Wow, I am sliding on my postings again ><><

This is actually a rare day where I finish my work for the day before 12am midnight.. so here I am updating : ) Although there are more things to get done... some very exciting possibilities too! but let's leave that silent until I get anything solid! Hehe

Oh I been seeing all these ravens dying all around my apartment area and found out that there's a strain of West Nile Virus that's attacking them in particular here.. my gawd... freaking scary T__T

Maybe I should get a camera and start taking pictures of stuff around me... Okay, my excuse to my girl will be.. ".. so I can have things to post!" .. hmmmm maybe not a good idea XD haha

Another toy/comic convention is going on in the Philippines and a lot of my friends and peers will be attending, I completely forgot what's it called but boy I miss attending those T__T

Here are more sneak peaks! : )



Robin said...

That thing about the ravens is so disturbingly apocalyptic. Do stay safe and healthy over there.

The sneak peaks look great btw :)

70m said...

My wife and I are agreed - you need to move. Dead ravens in any number has to be some kind of bad omen. It certainly can't be a good thing, though pictures would be interesting.

Keep the sneak peaks coming!

Jon T said...

As I've said on deviantart, dying ravens are freaky.
Did they really just drop out of the sky all of a sudden?
Love those sketches.

PhilTanArt said...

Will try to stay safe Robin... not really sure what it is, a new strain of West Niles virus was the last word from experts on the news... but nothing beyond that... I hope it doesn't happen again ><

I know Raven/Crows aren't the most popular of birds but I kinda like em for some reason XD... looks cool... waaaay better than pigeons.. I freakin' hate them... ><


PhilTanArt said...

70m... that's real nice of you and your good partner , thanks!: )

DUDE! I SOOO NEED TO GER A CAMERA >< I think after I pay every bill I have to next month and got nothing in urgent need to spend.. I will consider it >< Nothing pro quality.. just good enough for me to take images when I am out... hmmm Iphone works? Heard the new one's real good....

Anyone with suggestions?

Although... I think with me and girl planning to move together.. I better hold on finances XD....

PhilTanArt said...


Well apparently so.. the one I saw literally fell down with a few others on it's trail probably thinking about free meal... I think they eat their own kind >< So yeah, one I saw came down to my left car window around 10-15ft away....

Robin said...

Pigeons really can be scary... especially if they're the sort that hang around Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco... and you happen to be having a bread bowl of clam chowder out in the open :D

btw the new Iphone I hear still can't do MMS. Kinda strange that, if you ask me.