Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday package...

下次吧.... 眼皮都張不開了... 工作好多... 但最辛苦的是這個... -___-... 寫中文 XD!!!!! LOL

Need to get a package out to my inker tomorrow.. but I have to wait for full clear on approvals first before I send them out! Sigh.. little things I bet comic readers don't know, about the production process XD... well it's not really very important.. but it means a lot to us.. since it can matter into how much we sleep/work depending on how schedule is for certain people... of course, our own choice, this all.

Good friend's film just finished principal photography.. unfortunately the director got urgent family matters so they can't go on with the editing... as a low budget film.. the editor is very involved.. I'm told... Felt a little bad for him as I know how excited he is on getting this going... he was so excited when they finished the 6 week shoot XD

A lot of designs needed in my book.. so I am going to bed now, and get more done tomorrow on top of the regular pages needed everyday ><

One of my older picture a while back... I was in Starbucks while my friend decided to mess around with his camera...

40min practice sketch paint.. wanted to have a character in there but 40 is up.... -__-

Sneak peak!



Eric said...

Mr. Tan --

My name is Eric Newsom, and I run a site dedicated to the Question in all incarnations (http://www.vicsage.com). I also run (and am currently in the process of redesigning) Greg Rucka's website and am privy to Greg's excitement about your work on FC: R.

Am writing to ask if you'd be willing to be interviewed for something I'm planning for the Question site in June. The Crime Bible hardcover comes out that week, and I'm hoping to devote a week of special features on the site to talking about Renee Montoya. I was hoping to end the week by talking to you and Greg about FC: R.

We could do this over the next two months via e-mail, we could arrange some sort of internet chat, or we could do a phone interview. Whatever you'd prefer.

My e-mail address is enewsom@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

PhilTanArt said...

Sounds good sir, will be in touch : ) Thanks for the support!