Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday fatigue...

才星期一而已, 我卻以經累得不像樣了 T___T.... 我們沒有周末能休息的時間...嗨......

Monday morning and I am tired again XD This is not good.... Have to get ready for Emerald City show this weekend in Seattle! Very excited since it's my first time to visit up north!

Kristine's getting better at cooking also.. 3 simple dishes used to mean 3 hours of her being tied in the kitchen even with me helping a little... now it's down to 1.5 hours... haha she was very proud of her accomplishment! So am I : )

Started to throw lots of character designs for this new player in the DCU... will first appear in Final Crisis: Revelations.. hehe, don't miss this one! Greg's got bazillions of fun stuff in store XD

Was doodling around and trying to warmup... remembered WS's Gen13 from back when it was real popular.. so I came up with a fan art of how I will portray my version of the team : ) hehe

More sneak peak!



edgar_roc said...

cant wait to see it. oh by the way were you at atomic comics for free comicbook day . i saw a pic. and it looked liked some guy is showing rob leifield his artwork looks like it is yours. here is the link.
about 22 pics down.

PhilTanArt said...

Hehe I wish I could have went.. would have been fun : )

But no that's not me, maybe someone who needed to practice and got hold of pencil scans.. I am sure I gave the high res of that Darkseid piece to someone : ) lol

It's coo though!More exposure for me! hehe

Jon T said...

I'm loving the loose sketches.

PhilTanArt said...

I'll try to do more when I can Jon : ) Sometimes it's too loose I feel embarrassed to post em lol


Jon T said...

Ah, but I love them. :)
Get's me a closer look into the process of how you start out, heh.