Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday catchup...

我昨天剛從西雅圖回來... 累死了.. 但那兒真好玩!!! 下次會帶女朋友去吧 ^__^

My first time in Seattle last weekend for the Emerald City Con.. man I had tons of fun! We got lucky too since it was in forecast to rain that weekend and instead we got 2 days of nice overcast days with very soothing winds : ) Not to mention all the nice people I met at the show! Lots of fun for sure!

Was in the DC Nation panel.. man I was as nervous as always every time I join these panels... Especially with superstar writer JMS to my left, Dan Didio to my right ( not in pic ) and the awesome Greg Rucka behind ( not in pic )... these are my heroes XD... Btw, the one to the right in the pic is legendary author Kurt Busiek. Oh also, I got this pic from the article in Newsarama.. since I didn't got any camera with me there... XD

Ok, back to work.. rest.. umm... I'm so tired >< So much things to catch up!

More sneak preview from Final Crisis Revelations!



Jon T said...

Awesome, wish I could've gone. I've only been to one convention in my life and it was the Anime Expo down in Anaheim (when it used to be there).

Do you really do one page a day?

70m said...

It was really great to meet you at ECCC (I'm the guy who kept harassing you about sketches of The Question). Greg posted the sketch you did for him of The Question, so I finally got to see her. I guess I just had to be a little more patient. Lol.

I'm glad you had fun in our fine city. Come back anytime!

PhilTanArt said...

Hey Jon. Yes one a day. of course.. sometimes it might need a little more but not beyond 2.... and usually at one. I try to maintain it at that.. let's hope I can keep up on it XD Anime Expo? I been there twice I think.. it was fun.. but I think comic shows more my cup of tea ^^ You from Anaheim? LA here hehe

LOL thank you 70m : ) Like I said, had TONS of fun! And I do hope I can visit again in the future!

Jon T said...

Yea, I'm in Anaheim here. Not too far from LA actually. I just haven't had the time to make it out over there.