Friday, April 25, 2008

Toenail Thursday! >< .....

兩天沒睡了... -____- 好累....

今天早差點瞎掉...剪指甲時一小片飛進了右眼...眼晶裏面!!!!! 真可帕!!!!而且好痛...下次不能忘了帶眼鏡啊!!!!... T___T

不知有沒有什麼東西寫錯? 好...練習寫中文!!!

Good lord! Really thought I was going to loose my right eye >< Just when I decided to cut my toenails ( for some reason... ) after not being able to sleep Wednesday night finishing my page for the day.... a piece of nail shrapnel flew right into my right eye... gawd was it painful! T___T.... I immediately wish it with lots of water 'til I got it out... as bad as it was, I controlled myself enough to not mess with it by not rubbing my finger around... it actually went inside my eyeball I think, as I can't find it right away.. and the water eventually got it out.. thankfully it didn't went far in... or else -__-

Be careful of the evil toenail!!!!.. Sigh... just when I did not have my glasses on.. for some reason it did not cross my mind that I don't have it on... sleepless is bad XD

My good friend Doris, who just celebrated her b-day, and who also co-owns the coffee shop I go to everyday... wrote an article about my daily life doing work in the coffee shop. She and her guy, Richard , are really close friends of mine now... lots of photos that they took can be seen hehe... not to mention artworks... : )

This Naginata was a gift from one of my best friends in LA. Douglas Tochioka. Very talented filmmaker, awesome friend! I can't get enough of his stressful stories on the many different jobs he took in his lifetime haha...

A big martial arts and weapon lover.. this guys knows so much about things that are used to bring pain and sufferings to others.. XD

I really don't know what to do with the Naginata.. but I like it a lot!!!

Playing around with the dodge tool in photoshop... not sure if this thing even look a bit decent... my version of the orange lantern... or was it red? XD

More sneak peak from the page I finished today... gawd.. these pages are taking so much out of me everyday!!! Hehe.. but man I love the work though! So can't complain... Greg delivering all the crazy stories definitely made sure I am 200% excited every time I start on it each day XD



Jon T said...

You know, that almost happened to me as well, haha.
btw, this is metalgearray09 from deviantart or jt4470 from

PhilTanArt said...

Heya bud! : )

Man, I have been paranoid about it for 2 days >< Really don't want to think that it did something bad.. especially when my friends are telling me about hidden cuts or bacteria it can bring T___T sigh... nothing I can do for now, Ima take extra care and be aware if I feel anything wrong ><

Anyway, good seeing you here.. maybe I will eventually do that figure tutorial sometime XD.. although by then you probably don't need it anymore lol


Jon T said...

Haha, well I have been reading Loomis like you said (Not that I've never browsed through it before). It's kind of annoying reading it off a computer screen though. One of these days, I'm going to have to print out all of those pages and store it in a binder..but 200 pages? Where am I going to do that? Not to mention it may be a bit expensive, lol.

PhilTanArt said...

Print 200 pages out? Should be cheaper than buying the book, yes? XD

Actually.. the book might be cheaper.. haha

Jon T said...

Lol, well the book is around $150+
I think printing it all out will cost me about...$20? It'd be around $10.50 at my school, but I think they'd be pissed that I'm printing out so many pages at once.

But yea, a tutorial from you would be awesome. I love seeing how other people work. :)
You wouldn't happen to have a photocopy of Loomis Figure Drawing book around, would you?

PhilTanArt said...

I actually never got hold of that Loomis book myself, but I have read a bit of it from my friend lol...

Tutorial.. goodlord.. hope I will get to that someday XD


Jon T said...

Ah, well at least you got to see it in person, heh. I've only seen it hosted online or in pdfs.

Anonymous said...

hey philip,

just saw this. i didn't you're into martial arts. something we share in common,man. awesome.

i did aikido long time ago and i'm doing kali now. maybe we can share some moves. :)