Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tuesday.. the cleaning goes on -___-

終於可以寫中文了!!!!!!! *高興* ^___^

大家好,我是陳堉林,漫畫家. 作品都於美國漫畫. 曾出書於 Marvel, Image 等公司... 現在正幫DC comics/WarnerBrothers 在畫.

哇....寫那一點就花了十五分鐘... 不好意思, 我還不習慣, 好久沒寫過了... -___-

I can finally write Chinese characters!!!! Ok, wish me luck, I am going to try to get more audience for my projects, in Asia XD... hehe

But the best news I got the whole day, was super inker Jonathan Glapion coming on board officially as my partner on art! Been loving Jonathan's work for a long time, will finally see his take on my stuff!

I think I spent 10min "trying to clean" and 3 hours in front of the computer on other stuff.... sigh..... check out how thick the dusts are around and on my very worn out mouse.... XD

Another of my design stuff... not for a comic, but a lot of fun! Goodlord I don't think I'll want to draw something like that panel after panel in a comic book! ><



Planet Markus said...

he looks cool and deadly at the same time. nice work.

PhilTanArt said...

Thanks! If whatever we planned does go through.. then I will be a very happy man : ) hehe....