Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday errands...

都早上四點了!!! 我還是早點去睡吧...... 明天還有好多事等著我 >< 畫了張火影忍者的fanart... 用Photoshop 花了四十分鐘作的....好灰心... 還多練習! -___- 他叫卡卡西吧.... mmm.. 好像是! XD My first mainstream DC work hits the stand tomorrow as DC Universe Zero comes out! I only did a page, but it's my first time working for mainstream DC and my first time working with Geoff Johns.. man I am a big Geoff fan XD Very excited! I hope I'll get to work with him more next time

! I think everyone's probably tired of seeing my dirty room.. here's something I found while cleaning my room... under a stack of sketchbooks and in between the pages of one, was this old picture from last year's San Diego Comicon 2007... From left: Myself, Francis Manapul, Whilce Portacio, Jay Anacleto and then Leinil Yu... I guess it's a good collection of Filipino comic artist of my generation... although I am not so sure if Whilce counts.. he should be with Alex Nino, Tony Dezuniga, Ernie Chan and those elder legends : ) hehe Can't wait for this year's SDCC 08!
A quick Kakashi sketch paint I did... one of the more popular character from Naruto... man I need to improve my digi art still... I suck with it -__- But I am happy with this one since it's a big improvement from my older ones...

Sneak peak of what I finished today : )

Attend Free Comic Book Day this Saturday!

It's 4am. Ima head to bed.. LOTS of errands tomorrow XD



Jon T said...

Man, you keep teasing us every day. :)
Can't wait to see it on the shelves so I'll pick it up.

Which reminds me, I still have to pick up Godslayer 8. I can't believe that's the last one. :(

PhilTanArt said...

It is the last issue T__T I am very proud of what team Godslayer has accomplished... and will always be! Hopefully we will get to see Bairn in the future again!